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The Best Places To Buy in 2017 When Investing in Overseas Real Estate

If you're a real estate game, you've probably learned a thing or two over the years about investment. Regardless of the type of real estate your currently investing in, you know that there's always the chance to expand and grow your portfolio. While you may have been sticking with local real estate, or at least national real estate, investing in overseas may have peaked your interest at one time or another. You just may have always thought that investing in real estate overseas was just out of your reach. However, this doesn't have to be the case. In this article we will share with you the best places to invest in real estate overseas during the year 2017.

1. Algarve, Portugal

As of this year, real estate along Portugal's coast is one of Europe's biggest bargains. And if you're paying in US dollars, prices could be discounted even further. The opportunities in this market are vast, varied, and captivating. Reason being, Lisbon has seen a significant spike in tourism since 2015. In fact, during that year more than 3 million tourists visited Lisbon. But unlike other Western European capitals, properties and the cost of living in Lisbon are significantly lower. Currently, you can pick up a piece of property for about €2000 or US$2080 per square meter.

2. Cali, Colombia

While the country of Colombia army shock you is a real estate investment destination, Cali is actually one of the fastest growing tourist markets in Columbia. Which makes this city very appealing to real estate investors because the rental demand is expanding exponentially. Plus, currently the US dollar is at an all-time record high against the Colombian peso. And since this market is not well known, they kidding is currently good. For instance, the price per square meter will cost anywhere from 1 1/2 million to 5 million in Colombian pesos, yet translates to about US$502-US$1600. Which as you can see, makes this market and absolute steal.

3. Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is always a popular tourist destination because it is a part of the Caribbean's coastline. But unlike its other Caribbean counterparts, real estate in Las Terrenas is extremely affordable and accessible. In fact, you can pick up a piece of property for as little as $1000 per square meter. Or, if you want to go right on the beach you'll pay is high is $2500. Which, translates to as little as $100,000 for a single bedroom condo.

4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Once again this location is a strong market because of its growing number of tourists. Unlike with the other cities, the growing number of tourists also means there's a growing rental command within the city. However, unlike with some of the other cities property prices in Playa del Carmen are not as cheap. However, the yields remain strong. Plus, this city is one of the fastest growing cities in Latin America and has an active resale market. You can pick up a piece of property in Playa del Carmen for about US$3000 per square meter.

These 4 cities are just a few of the hottest overseas locations that are worth investing in during the year of 2017. The growing tourism within these cities, the strong yields, and the bargains make investing in these cities almost a no brainer. And if you’re an investor worth their salt and are interested in overseas investment, you’d be wise to look into these trending markets. If you are apprehensive because of the inability to be able to see these properties before purchasing, technology has come a long way and you can now use tools such as real estate virtual tours. Real estate virtual tours will allow you see the property in real time via the Internet. Helping to eliminate any excuse you may have to delve into this endeavor. So, do some research, and see if overseas investing is the right move for you.

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